Meeting Dates, Locations, and Contacts


  Fisher/Mitchell/Nolan Counties   Eastland County (Cisco)  
         Kelsey Zimmerman          Heather Alexander  



         Meets 1st Friday 10 AM          Meets 2nd Monday 1 PM  
         Nolan Co. Courthouse, Conf. Rm, 3rd Floor          Myrtle Wilks Community Center  
         100 East 3rd St.          1498 IH-20  
         Sweetwater, TX           Cisco, TX  
  Stephens County   Haskell/Knox/Throckmorton/Stonewall/Baylor County  
         December Owens          Jacquelyn Jones, LeKeshia White (co-chairs)  


       325-673-3503 ext. 105

         Meets 3rd Wednesday 1 PM          Meets 3rd Thursday 1 PM  
         South Elementary School          Haskell City Hall  
         1001 W Elliot St., Breckenridge, TX          301 S 1st St., Haskell, TX  
  Shackelford County   Scurry County  
          Makenzie Marshall         Jodi Powell  
          325-762-2447         325-573-3997   
          Meets 3rd Tuesday 1:15 PM         Meets 2nd Wednesday 10 AM  
          Albany Elementary School         Snyder Primary  
          741 Griffin Road, Albany, TX         3601 El Paso Ave., Snyder, TX  
  Jones County   Comanche County  
           Melissa Mosley            Al Dostal  
           325-823-2468 ext. 104            325-795-5868  
           Meets 3rd Thursday 10 AM            Meets 2nd Monday of odd months 1 PM        
           Adult Probation Department            Comanche County Medical Center  

         1226 S Commercial,  Anson, TX

            Comanche, TX  
  Taylor/Callahan Counties   Brown County  
           Kristi Terbush  

        Shawna Hutchins


           325-691-2068            325-998-7559  
           Meets 4th Tuesday 10 AM            Meets 1st Tuesday 9:30 am  
           New Horizons            Family Services Center  
           147 Sayles Blvd., Abilene, TX            901 Ave B,  Brownwood, TX  
  Coleman County   Runnels County    
           Erica Vasquez            Tim Timmerman  
           Meets 2nd Tuesday 11:00 AM            Meets 2nd Tuesday at 1 PM  
           every other odd month            DFPS Office  
           HHSC Building            814 Hutchings Ave.  
           114 Needham St.,  Coleman, TX             Ballinger, TX