Meeting Dates, Locations, and Contacts


  Fisher/Mitchell/Nolan Counties   Eastland County (Cisco)  
         Nikki Fuentes (Interim Chair)          Rhonda Pipkin  



         Meets 1st Friday 10 AM  

        Meets 2nd Wednesday 11 AM

         Nolan Co. Courthouse, Conf. Rm, 3rd Floor           (Nov - Jan for Emergency Meetings ONLY)  
         100 East 3rd St.           Myrtle Wilks Community Center  
         Sweetwater, TX  

        1498 IH-20

               Cisco, TX  
  Stephens County   Haskell/Knox/Throckmorton/Stonewall/Baylor County  
         December Owens          Jacquelyn Jones, LeKeshia White (co-chairs)  


       325-673-3503 ext. 105

         Meets 3rd Wed 1 PM (Not in Summer)          Meets 3rd Thursday 1 PM - Every other month on                  Even months (Not in Summer)  
         ResourceCare          Haskell City Hall  
         2802 W Walker St., Breckenridge, TX          301 S 1st St., Haskell, TX  
  Shackelford County   Scurry County  
          Makenzie Marshall         Jodi Powell  
          325-762-2447         325-573-3997   

        Meets 3rd Tuesdays at 1:00 pm - Every          other month on Odd months                 


      Meets 2nd Wednesday 10 AM
      (*Will meet during Summer)

          Albany Elementary School         Snyder Primary  
          741 Griffin Road, Albany, TX         3601 El Paso Ave., Snyder, TX  
  Jones County   Comanche County  
           Melissa Mosley           Jill Evans  
           325-823-2468 ext. 104           254-893-5895 ext. 1024  
           Meets 3rd Thurs 10 AM (Not in Summer)           Meets 2nd Monday 1 PM  
           Adult Probation Department           Comanche Housing Authority  

         1226 S Commercial,  Anson, TX

           404 E Cedar Ave., Comanche, TX   
  Taylor/Callahan Counties   Brown County  
           Kristi Terbush   

        Katie Snyder / Michelle Wells (co-chairs)


           325-691-2068            325-646-5939  
           Meets 4th Thurs 1:00 PM (*Only                              emergency staffing during summer)            Meets 1st Tuesday 9:30 AM  
           303 South Pioneer, Ste 200 (BCFS HHS                   office)            CCCT (Community Connections of Central TX)  
           Abilene, TX            901 Ave B,  Brownwood, TX  
  Coleman County   Runnels County    
           Mayra Martinez             Tim Timmerman  


           Meets 2nd Tuesday 10:00 AM - Every                    other month on Odd months(*Only                     emergency staffing during summer)             Meets 2nd Tuesday at 1 PM (*Only emergency                 staffing during summer)  
           Cornerstone Community Action Agency            DFPS Office  
           114 Needham St (in: Foundation Rm)            814 Hutchings Ave.  
           Coleman, TX             Ballinger, TX